Images of a Big Island

Leap of Faith


Well, “Hamish” has been and gone. Luckily he was a fair way offshore so we escaped lightly. The islands recorded winds of 50-60 knots with no damage. He is heading south but is still a nasty bugger! A reef weather station off Mackay stopped recording after a wind gust of 102 knots so he still packs a punch!

In the meantime it’s business as usual here in the Whitsundays. tomorrow the sun will shine,the winds should be light and all the boats will be running.

I figured that as the cloud broke up this arvo, there would be some nice light around so I took a drive out to Conway Beach

Stopped into Cedar Ck falls on the way and took a couple of shots of some lunatics jumping off the falls.08-mar-2009-016

As you can see it’s a fair drop (10m+) and people have been seriously injured doing this, hence the “Leap of Faith” title!

Arriving at Conway Beach and there were kite flyers and land-sailers all hoping for decent wind which didn’t eventuate, neither did the goood light!

This beach becomes nearly half a mile wide at low tide so it is a great place for land-sailing in the right conditions.

Some young guys turned up with skimboards and headed out to a shallow pool on the flats so i decided that I would practice some slow shutter speeds and panning just to see what would happen.

Sometimes you just gotta make your own fun! 08-mar-2009-049_edited-1


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