Images of a Big Island

A land of extremes!

Wndmill stitch-2-Edit
It doesn’t seem so long ago that photographers such as Tony Middleton who lives in Victoria were posting images of a dry, blackened landscape after the horrific bushfires.
At the same time we here in Queensland had flooding rains and everything was green and juming out of it’s skin!
How the tables have turned. Tony is posting images of lush green meadows and we here in Qld are going through one of the driest winters for a long time!
i had spotted this windmill and water trough a while back and thought it could make an interesting shot. God only knows what the Brahman cattle on this property are drinking as there is no surface water anywhere that I can see!
Bring on the wet season!


2 responses

  1. re Dry Argument.. Great image design and treatment.. love the fact the windmill is clearly spinning yet still no water in the trough.. Mark

    October 8, 2009 at 5:04 pm

  2. Thanks Mark, that is exactly what I was trying to portray. It is really dry here in the Whitsundays at the moment. I actually like the second image better but I think they work together.

    October 8, 2009 at 6:04 pm

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