Images of a Big Island

Any Old Iron.

This is another one from Tasmania. I had driven past this hayshed many times and taken a few images but never really been happy with them due to the time of day & quality of light. However whenever I am in this area, I always keep an eye on it as I can see potential in it.
Early one morning As I was driving past a momentary break in the clouds lit it up and I decided to stop and see what I could come away with.
True to form the sun sat behind clouds for the next 30-40 mins! Just as I was about was about to give it away for an appointment I had, a break in the cloud opened up long enough for me to squeeze off a few frames.

I like the contrast between the battered old roofing iron and the haybales so I decided to accentuate the texture and colour of the iron in relation to the form of the haybales.
Sometimes it pays to be patient and persistent, hope you like it!


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