Images of a Big Island

TC Anthony

Well, TC Anthony crossed the coast at Bowen last night at about 10:30pm. Even though it was wild evening with wind gusts up to about 130kmh,Airlie Beach escaped with minimal damage, lots of broken branches and only one boat driven ashore that I could find.

I was pretty surprised that there weren’t more boats on the bricks as Airlie Bay would have been like a washing machine at the height of the storm. This guy was lucky as he found a patch of sand surrounded by a lot of rocks!
Even though we dodged a bullet last night, we are staring down the barrel of TC Yasi which looks like it is a large and potentially destructive system forecast to impact the Qld coast on Thursday.
The next image is an attempt to capture some of the gale force gusts ripping through the trees outside my door yesterday afternoon

Anyway, it will be a nervous few days coming up, stay tuned!


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