Images of a Big Island


While I was in Belgium I was staying near the picturesque city of Mechelen. Situated about halfway between Antwerp & Brussels, it can trace it’s history back to Roman times and like many European cities has had it’s share of of prosperity & decline at different times. For a brief period it was even the Capital of the Low Countries during the 16th century. Unfortunately, one of the city’s low points came during WW II when the Nazis used it as a Transit Camp for  Jews being sent to the infamous death camps


Today it is a cosmopolitan provincial city with parks,canals and a bustling town centre  which is dominated by the imposing St Rombout’s Cathedral which began construction in the 12th century.

St. Rombout's Cathedral,Mechelen, BelgiumBelieve me, that carillon is huge and it is just as impressive on the inside! Every day just before they strike the hour, the bells play a tune which sounds a little like “Three Blind Mice”, quite pleasant to listen to as you stroll around town!

The Grote Markt is surrounded by cafes and at the other end is the Stadhuis which although not quite as grand as Antwerp, still draws the eye quite well.

Mechelen Stadhuis



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