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Portable Photo Storage

A question for all you photo-geeks out there! I am heading over to europe for a month soon, I don’t feel like lugging around a laptop and would ideally like to get myself a portable media storage device such as an Epson P-3000 or Canon M80. problem is they are hard to find, so I am thinking along the lines of a Tablet or iPad Mini.

Is it possible to connect a Canon 5D II or a card reader to one of these things and will they read Canon CR2 RAW files?

Any info  would be much appreciated!


Capture the Spirit!

These are 3 images I have entered into a competition run by the Spirit of Tasmania who operate the Bass Strait Ferry. It is called ‘Capture the Spirit’ and is open to any resident of Oz who has some images of Tasmania.
Prizes include Canon1000D cameras and Accomodation packages etc.
Like most comps of this nature they require copyright waivers for the winning images so they can use them for promotion.
If you want more info go to

Mt Roland_041-Edit
General Scenics_105-Edit
Mt Roland_045-Edit
BTW you can also vote for your favourite image and be in the running for a prize as well. I could do with an extra camera! hint,hint.

Eye on the sky.


With all the rain we have had here over the wet season,everything is green,lush and jumping out of it’s skin!

I was driving around the canefields recently and had stopped to take a couple of shots of an irrigator lying idle in a paddock. It was kind of a nice juxtaposition with a thunderstorm in the background, but this image is the best of the lot. The sky says it all.

Hopefullly there will still be some interesting skies in the Kimberley when I am over there during the next couple of months. Dark blue skies contrast well with the red/orange landscape but add a brooding sky to it and and you have something very different. 

Skies can really make an image ‘pop’ with just about anything outdoors. Quite a few years ago when I was doing a lot of photography of marine based subjects, ie- yachts,fishing boats, etc, I was looking through a book by ‘Beken of Cowes’ who has been shooting yachts around the  South coast of England for nearly 100 yrs.  Every shot was taken from the perfect angle and the lighting was always great ,but the extra ingredient that made his images so much better was often the background.

Canon 400D, EF-S 10-22mm @ 14mm, 125th/f8, polariser