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Golden Glow

G’day Everybody,

This is one from Tasmania again, and I am sure you have seen quite a few images from this place posted by me previously!  I nearly always drive up to this place each sunset when I am in the area because it offers a magnificent view of Mt Roland and the old barn is great foreground.

This time I decided to let the barn and the mountain become the background and focus on a different element in the scene. The light cooperated nicely as well!


Primary Colours

Due to other commitments, it seems like ages since I have picked up my camera gear & headed out the door! In fact my trusty Canon is sitting on the table  looking at me with what could be called disgust blazing out of that single eye!

Today, I have the time and the urge to go but looking out the window and the light is about as flat,dull & uninspiring  as it gets. Maybe tomorrow! So I have had a bit of a look through the archive looking for an image to brighten up the day.

I shot this in Tasmania ages ago while investigating the delightful old stone fence in the scene which is not something you see very often these days. Primary colours, gotta love ém!

Poppy Fields

If you have been following this blog for a while, you would know that I spend a lot of time driving aimlessly along back roads in Northern Tasmania. Well, not aimlessly so much, but just looking around and hoping that I will be in a good location when the constantly changing light offers up little gems like this!

I have driven past this scene many times and the light has been blah to say the least! This particular day, the Gods smiled & it all came together for about 15 mins.
Poppies are a lucrative crop for some Tasmanian farmers, they are grown for pharmaceutical companies and are very tightly controlled. If you get caught on the wrong side of the fence here you are in big trouble! One fence I didn’t want to jump, cropping some ugly foreground was the only solution on this one!

Mossman Canefields

I found this neat little scene on my way back fro Mossman to Cairns. Took off up a side road and drove for miles to find a spot where the sugarcane wasn’t obliterating the mountains in the background!
This is a scene that is so typical of FNQ and the fact that the Great Dividing Range is so close to the coast makes it a great area for photographers.

On another note, this will probably be my last post for a while. I am just about to head to Gladstone for 5 weeks as the Master of a 40m barge with a huge backhoe on it, basically a non-propelled dredge which is part of the push to build new infrastructure for the Port of Gladstone in Central Qld. It will probably be fairly dull but the pay is well worth it, which means a long overdue camera upgrade is definately on the cards! 🙂

Old Hayshed

This is one from the last time I was in Tasmania. As I mentioned in a previous post, I drive past this hayshed regularly and it has always caught my eye. Conditions were pretty good this day so I stopped and took a few shots.
I like the recycled corrugated iron which gives it some character and the horse was a bonus. He even looks slightly guilty in this image!

Hay Fever.

Tony Middleton has been posting a couple of nice images of hay bales in the late afternoon sun, so I thought I would add to the bucolic splendour with one I shot during my last visit to Tasmania!

My, how times have changed!

I was on my way to Townsville yesterday when i thought I would dive down a side road to perhaps get an image of the clouds hanging around the ranges to the south of Townsville.
I found a sugarcane property with a great collection of old farming implements at the entrance to his driveway. Some of these implements were probably horse drawn so I thought a couple of shots were in order! Light was not the best but you cant always choose ideal conditions can you? These will be worth a stop in future whenever I have time as i have been looking for these type of things for a while and they are not laying all over the place!

Driving home later that afternoon I saw a helicopter flying low circles over the cane paddocks so I thought I would investigate further. I pulled up near a couple of trucks and got talking to the owner of the farm as it turned out. He told me that because of all the rain it was impossible to get trucks into the fields to spread fertiliser. Consequently they were using a helicopter to do it for the first time and to his knowledge it was the first time it had been used on sugar cane in N. Queensland.
Once again the light was not ideal but with a bit of processing in Lightroom 3 they didn’t come out too badly. Even though I was shooting at shutter speeds as low as 1/60th sec and the downdraft from the rotors was pretty strong, most of them were pretty sharp. Something to remember for next time though!

In one day,totally by chance I had images of two widely separated eras of the sugar-cane industry which more than made up for the very long day I had endured. Hope you agree!