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Tasmanian Heritage

Tasmania has not only great opportunities for landscape photography but due to it’s well preserved heritage buildings, many towns have some brilliant old architecture  to photograph!

I had seen photos of this church in Evandale and seeing as I was staying my last night in Tas. close by, I thought I would swing by and check it out. Luckily the late evening sun was at the right angle and bathed the church in some beautiful golden light. Perfect timing, as I wasn’t expecting to get this lucky!

After making the most of this opportunity I looked across the road and noticed another interesting looking church.

Although the light wasn’t particularly great I took a couple of shots anyway for a record. next time I am here I will definately visit this one again. In the right light, I can see a lot of potential with this church!


‘Cheshunt’ Buildings

Is it possible to have “photographers block”? If so, I think I have a case of it right now, just can’t seem to get the results I am looking for at the moment.
Anyway, for this post I will stay in Tasmania. I have previously posted about one of these buildings before but at the time the light was pretty flat so wider views of the old building were a little bit dull with a blown out sky.
On my last visit to Tasmania I wanted to get some more shots of this dilapidated building, so I did an early morning drive to try and get the low sunlight that I thought would be a little more interesting. Glad I did, as some other outbuildings on the same property were lit very nicely by the early morning light as well. Not sure what these outbuildings were used for, maybe workers quarters,stables, etc, but I am glad I stumbled upon them while rambling down a country road just following my nose!
These will one day be gone, but for now they add some historic context to a world which is becoming more homogenised.