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Dawn on the Canefields.

This is an image I shot a few mornings ago. As the weather cools up here in the tropics and the wind drops it is great conditions for early morning fog around the canefields. I had been looking for a high vantage point and believe me they are few and far between, but I went up a road called the “Highway to Heaven” and found this spectacular view!Actually very restricted in shooting positions due to the intrusion of power lines, which are the bane of my photographic existence! Shot just as the sun illuminated the fog in the foreground and within 20 minutes it was all gone!



Found these ones trawling through the archives.
Is there anything quite as eerie as walking the streets of a small rural town,late at night,deserted streets, only sounds are the odd barking dogs and the fog comes stealing into town like a silent presence!
Who ya gonna call!?

Hope you all like the new theme, thought it was time for a change!