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Golden Glow

G’day Everybody,

This is one from Tasmania again, and I am sure you have seen quite a few images from this place posted by me previously!  I nearly always drive up to this place each sunset when I am in the area because it offers a magnificent view of Mt Roland and the old barn is great foreground.

This time I decided to let the barn and the mountain become the background and focus on a different element in the scene. The light cooperated nicely as well!



Molten Mountain

This is an image I shot last time I was in Tasmania. A classic case of conditions coming together while I was packing my gear away! As the sun entered a narrow window between a cloud layer and the horizon, the face of Mt. Roland was lit by pale yellow light which changed rapidly to a vibrant red-orange just before the sun disappeared.

This made up for all the times when the conditions didn’t happen!




Mountain Storm

Well, I hope you have all been having better luck photographically than I have lately! It seems that on the rare occasions that I get out & about lately, conditions conspire against me!

Anyway, this is another one from my last trip to Tasmania. Generally I don’t bother shooting Mt Roland during the middle part of the day, the flat frontal lighting just doesn’t do it justice. On this particular day I had a couple of hours to kill so I tossed a coin to decide whether to sit in a café or see if I could scout out any new angles that I hadn’t noticed before. Scouting won.  Driving down one of the backroads in the area I saw that it looked like a storm was brewing over the highlands which was looking kind of interesting.

The farming implement was about the only interesting foreground that I could find so I set up and waited to see what might happen.

The storm clouds added some interest and drama to the mountain that would not normally be there and they dissipated shortly after this image was taken.  If I had been sitting in a café as I was thinking of doing, I would have missed it!

Hope you all have a safe & Happy Xmas and New Year!

Home on The Range

I may have mentioned a few times before that Mt. Roland is probably my favourite mountain. So, I am always looking for a new angle to shoot the mountain from, hopefully without trespassing on the farmland that predominates in this area.

This involves driving up every backroad that looks interesting which I rather enjoy anyway. This particular afternoon I stopped at a farm gate of a property that looked like it may have seen better days,jumped a fence and came upon this little scene.

How cool would it be to live with a view like that every day!?

The Waiting Game.

G’day Gang,

First up, apologies to all for not participating in the blogosphere as much of late. My new job is to blame, early starts,long days & plenty of ’em!  Not quite what I was envisioning but that is the marine tourism industry sometimes.  GFC, what GFC? you would not know it existed here at the moment, a large improvement on previous months!

Needless to say, I have been as busy as a one- armed paperhanger and have not had much time for photography related activities.

This image is testament to an old adage of repeatedly visiting a place until you get the shot. Every time I come to Tasmania I visit this spot at least once a day usually at sunrise or sunset, because you just never know what may transpire. Even so, I have been caught out a couple of times after packing the gear away after a fruitless wait only to see the conditions come together within minutes!

This particular morning everything came together nicely for about an hour and I came away with a good selection of images.  Enjoy!


Another  quick one from Tasmania. This was processed and stitched in Lightroom & PT Gui on a Netbook!

Once again I am champing at the bit to see these on my big screen at home!

Mt Roland Sunset

A couple of quick images of my favourite mountain at sunset. Went to Cradle Mt the other day hoping for similar conditions but as usual it rained!

Can’t wait to see these on my big screen when I get home!

Hay Fever.

Tony Middleton has been posting a couple of nice images of hay bales in the late afternoon sun, so I thought I would add to the bucolic splendour with one I shot during my last visit to Tasmania!

Misty Mountain Hop.

A couple of images of Mt. Roland to inspire Jamie Patterson!

Hope you like ’em Jamie!

Uluru (Tassie style)

Does anybody out there have a favourite place such as a river,valley or landmark that you never tire of looking at? Well this mountain is one such place for me.
Mt. Roland is a mountain that always affects me whenever I look at it. I have never been to the top of it, (yet) I have circumnavigated it many times and it draws me like a magnet whenever I am in it’s vicinity.
It is deeply entwined in my family history, my great-grandfather carved a farm out of the Tasmanian bush in it’s shadow, my mother’s ashes are part of it, as will my father’s one day and possibly mine as well!
I don’t know of any mountain that dominates its surroundings like this one except for perhaps Uluru and from certain angles it even has a similar profile.
I still havn’t found the perfect location to shoot this mountain from and that can change with the time of the year. I think it is in the middle of one of the local farms, may have to do a dawn raid one day……