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‘Cheshunt’ Buildings

Is it possible to have “photographers block”? If so, I think I have a case of it right now, just can’t seem to get the results I am looking for at the moment.
Anyway, for this post I will stay in Tasmania. I have previously posted about one of these buildings before but at the time the light was pretty flat so wider views of the old building were a little bit dull with a blown out sky.
On my last visit to Tasmania I wanted to get some more shots of this dilapidated building, so I did an early morning drive to try and get the low sunlight that I thought would be a little more interesting. Glad I did, as some other outbuildings on the same property were lit very nicely by the early morning light as well. Not sure what these outbuildings were used for, maybe workers quarters,stables, etc, but I am glad I stumbled upon them while rambling down a country road just following my nose!
These will one day be gone, but for now they add some historic context to a world which is becoming more homogenised.


Sunlit Sands

Just been playing around, so I thought I would post another view of Langford Sandspit

Stormy Weather

I was shooting a time-lapse sequence of a developing storm yesterday when these young boys started playing around on the swimming enclosure, amusing themselves as young boys do. Normally I hate it when random people enter the frame, but in time-lapse they often add another dimension as they scurry around like ants on red cordial!
I thought that there may be a couple of frames that would make a decent still photo in their own right. This is the one that I decided to process.
It wouldn’t win any prizes but as I was looking at it, it struck me as being symbolic of life at times. When we are young we are carefree and everything is fun. Inevitably, there will be the occasional stormy patch that comes up over the horizon. Some we will be able to sail on through, some we will need to shelter from until they pass. Often there are rainbows and clear skies on the other side!

Hopefully the storms that these boys will encounter will have rainbows!


Hi all,
Yesterday I went for a drive out to Cedar Ck. Falls and as I expected there was no water coming over the falls, but it is a nice little spot to potter around anyway. No people around which made it very peaceful indeed.
Moving around very slippery rocks with a walking stick and a tripod over my shoulder was a bit of a challenge at times,but that’s all part of the fun!
Downstream from the falls there is another creek which was still running and this little eddy caught my eye.

While reviewing it on the screen, I was reminded of a recent news item.
A couple of days ago a yacht made of recycled plastic and water bottles sailed into Sydney after a 4 month crossing of the Pacific. Along the way they sailed into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is an oceanic eddy, full of flotsam and jetsam such as plastic bags, bottles, nets etc, but on a much grander scale. It is estimated that this garbage patch covers the area of NSW and VIC. combined which is a lot of rubbish just slowly spinning around in a giant circle!
While plastic is undoubtedly a great modern material, unfortunately a lot of it ends up in our seas and causes lots of problems, but because it is in the sea, out of sight,out of mind!
So, next time you go fishing for example, make sure you put your plastic bait-bags in the bin or take them home with you for disposal instead of leaving them at your fishing spot as many people do because it is too messy to deal with!
This is another image from the same spot but with much more water flow.

Both were shot at 3s @ f8 100ISO.

Clouds of Sail

I have previously posted about “Solway Lass” last year but have never been aboard while she is under sail. Yesterday I went out on her for a fundraising daysail which was a great day with great people,live music and good weather.
Having been skipper of ex Racing Maxi-yachts for many years I was interested to see what a Square- rigged sailing vessel was like to be aboard under sail.
Looking around the boat, there are a myriad of lines for sail control and it looked very complicated. In the old days of the clipper ships sailors needed to know where each particular line was and be able to find them in the worst weather and darkest nights. No easy feat!
The biggest difference I found between the modern racing yacht and a traditionally rigged vessel was how quiet and calm the older heavier vessls were. Very peaceful!
This is one of the images I took to try and capture some of the romance of that bygone era.

Tasmanian Dilemma

After reading Mark Stothard’s latest post from Tasmania, I thought I would post a couple of images showing the aftermath of logging operations in the Tasmanian forests.

Once again, not a pretty sight!
The Forestry Department do collect as much seed as possible from the fallen timber and reseed the area but it is never the same and in a lot of cases they put in fast growing hybrid plantation timber which is not far removed from a pine plantation. We all know what “deserts”they are!
The big problem is that in Tasmania, Forestry employs a lot of people directly and indirectly and is one of the major industries, so government understandably are not about to throw a lot of people out of work.
Thanks to the Greens keeping the spotlight well and truly on the devastation that happens in the forests hopefully we will see a day when this portion of the earth’s lungs are safe from the chainsaws and bulldozers.


Found these ones trawling through the archives.
Is there anything quite as eerie as walking the streets of a small rural town,late at night,deserted streets, only sounds are the odd barking dogs and the fog comes stealing into town like a silent presence!
Who ya gonna call!?

Hope you all like the new theme, thought it was time for a change!