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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Most afternoons on Orpheus Is.huge rainsqualls would pass between the island and the mainland and often there were some quite cool cloud formations with them.

I shot this image more because of the rain in the distance and when I first looked at it on screen it didn’t really excite me that much. While I was playing around with it, I began to see potential and I finally arrived at what you see here.


 As I was looking at this image,phrases began to run through my head like ‘climate change’, ‘sea-level rise’ and ‘extreme weather’!

If Glaciers and Ice-caps continue to melt at the current rate, this could be a depressingly familiar sight to many island nations and coastal  communities world-wide, as the sea slowly &  insidiously creeps over their land.Unfortunately, now, the option of walking inland to the next higher caves doesn’t exist!

The evidence is there and the scientific community, who study these things continuously are pretty much in agreement that human activity is accelerating the changes faster than would normally happen.

Yet,,Governments and big Multi-Nationals continue to argue,dither and generally do sweet F.A.!!

A couple of worrying signs are that Conservative governments which have just recently been put into power in Victoria & Qld are dismantling  and winding back climate change initiatives that were put in place by previous governments because “they cost too much”!

In the meantime it’s full steam ahead for the coal industry, they can’t dig it up and sell it overseas fast enough! Burning huge amounts of coal & other fossil fuels is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, isn’t it??

There is something definately wrong with this picture!


Emissions, what emissions?

As I am still more or less housebound due to a recent hip replacement,I get to watch the news and current affairs programs more often.
The recent turmoil in the Federal Liberal Party has been a bit of a circus
and the scariest clown by the name of Tony Abbot is now in the ring!
All this has focussed attention on the Emissions Trading Scheme which was put together by the Federal Government and then severely watered down to try and get it through Parliament. All was for nought as the Opposition and the Greens voted it down for totally different reasons!
The one thing I did notice was that there is a dearth of information about the nuts and bolts of this scheme.
With the Copenhagen Summit underway I can’t believe there are still people out there who still have their heads in the sand despite all the science out there that says our climate is changing.
While the earth’s climate has changed drastically many times over the millenia and will continue to do so, surely the sceptics can’t honestly believe that pouring all the crap into our atmosphere for all these years has no effect?!
It’s the same as an alcoholic heavy smoker believing that his liver and lungs will stay healthy.
The planet Earth is our only home so we should be looking after it as we have no other place to go!
Tony Abbott has nailed his colours to the wall so all those conservative voters should be a little worried as he is playing pretty scary politics with the health and liveability of our only home.
Me, I’ll be voting Green!