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Cracking Up!

15 05 09 010-Edit
As I mentioned in my last post, this landscape looks like it could all falll down with a good sneeze! This is in an image taken at Steep Island that shows how it is all being slowwly whittled away. Some of the rocks that have fallen off the cliff are big! I saw even bigger falls in places, would not want to be underneath them……….
On another note, I have just checked out some images posted by Christian Fletcher and Mark Stothard. Nice! That is the beauty of photography, we all see things differently!


Boab and the Bluff

12 04 09 Raft Point 013_edited-1-Edit
Pictured are two icons of the Kimberley, a Boab tree and The Bluff at Raft Point.
One of the images I wanted to capture during this trip was a Boab tree while it still had leaves, pretty difficult to do from a boat! Luckily there was one on the beach where I spent a short time. Had to do a bit of scrub bashing to get this angle though!

Raft Point, Kimberley Coast

12 04 09 Raft Point 023_edited-1 copy
On one of the few times I managed to get ashore at a spectacular place by the name of Raft Point. There are Wandjina Art sites up in the cliffs which the tourists got to see, however I had only a short time ashore so made the best of the situation.
The place is named after the story that the aborigines would build rafts here to go out to Montgomery Reef about 10 miles offshore. Huge tidal flows here so I wonder how many got swept away!