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St George Basin, Kimberley Coast

David Bettini and Mark Stothard have been posting some great images of their recent trip to the Kimberley and a couple of their images of St George Basin inspired me to have a look at some similar images i have on file.
St George Basin is a large flooded plain into which the Prince Regent R. flows and is home to one of the largest concentrations of Mangroves in Australia. The islands in the Basin create some interesting landscapes and photographic opportunities,especially in the early morning and late afternoon.


More bloody red rocks!!

28 04 09 Prince Regent 057-Edit
Another one from St.George Basin at sunrise.
As beautiful as the Kimberley coast is, it becomes a challenge to shoot something different. Especially if you are shooting mostly from the water.
As the landscape is dominated by the reddish hues of the sandstone bluffs the only contrast is provided by the sky or if you are lucky enough to be there early in the dry, there is still a lot of greenery present.
As the season progresses, all the green grass dries out and becomes yellow. Harsh country!
Sometimes at sunrise or sunset the red light hits the cliffs and makes them positively glow, if you are lucky enough to get dark cloud in the background, the contrast can be spectacular!

Kimberley Sunrise

28 04 09 Prince Regent 052_edited-1-Edit
This is a shot of St. Patrick Is. taken just after sunrise. St,George Basin is a large basin that the Prince Regent R. flows into.
The tidal flows in the entrance to this basin have to be seen to be believed, places like Whirpool Reach can have currents of up to 10 knots and will throw large vessels around like toys. In the middle of the mayhem, dolphins are calmly fishing!
This particular morning we were anchored off a place called Python Cliffs, I had a feeling that there could be a photo op which worked out very nicely!