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Cradle Colour

This image is from earlier in the morning and was a brief show of colour around Cradle Mt. Back over my left shoulder the sky was aflame but I wanted that distinctive shape, so I had to hope that the slowly moving cloud in the mountain’s direction would  ‘light up’!

Morning of the Earth

A little tip for those of you contemplating a trip to Tassie for photography, at the height of summer the sun rises at about 5:30am and sets about 9:00pm. Add to that about an hour of twighlight at each end of the day and your photographic day is pretty long! Especially if you are travelling around as well.

Somewhere in that 24hrs you need to eat, download images, scout around, and do th0se other things that life demands AND get a good night’s sleep! Not to mention the amount of people that visit iconic sights like Cradle Mt & Freycinet Peninsula. Next time I go down it will be in March-April or August- Sept when the days are a bit shorter and Autumn colour or Spring flowers are showing.

Anyway, hope you like it!   Canon 5D Mk II, 24mm TS-E Lens, 2 stop ND Grad Filter


Cradle Mt. Delivers!

If you have been following this blog you probably know that Cradle Mt. and I have a complicated history,photographically speaking! The weather Gods just seem to give me the thumbs down whenever I go there. During my little sojourn around Tasmania in a campervan recently I spent 3 days there with Mort Ellis to make sure I gave myself a fighting chance of getting some good images of the mountain.

This particular morning I got up there early and had the place to myself for a while before the holiday crowds started swarming  and came away with some nice images of which this is one.

Still Waters

Funnily enough, the weather was actually a little too nice with minimal cloud around the mountain during the morning twilight but I managed to get a couple of nice ones which I will post soon. What made this morning pretty special though for me was the absolute stillness of the water which made for some great reflections.

Hope you like it!         Canon 5D Mk II, 24mm TS-E Lens

Dawn on the Canefields.

This is an image I shot a few mornings ago. As the weather cools up here in the tropics and the wind drops it is great conditions for early morning fog around the canefields. I had been looking for a high vantage point and believe me they are few and far between, but I went up a road called the “Highway to Heaven” and found this spectacular view!Actually very restricted in shooting positions due to the intrusion of power lines, which are the bane of my photographic existence! Shot just as the sun illuminated the fog in the foreground and within 20 minutes it was all gone!

The Waiting Game.

G’day Gang,

First up, apologies to all for not participating in the blogosphere as much of late. My new job is to blame, early starts,long days & plenty of ’em!  Not quite what I was envisioning but that is the marine tourism industry sometimes.  GFC, what GFC? you would not know it existed here at the moment, a large improvement on previous months!

Needless to say, I have been as busy as a one- armed paperhanger and have not had much time for photography related activities.

This image is testament to an old adage of repeatedly visiting a place until you get the shot. Every time I come to Tasmania I visit this spot at least once a day usually at sunrise or sunset, because you just never know what may transpire. Even so, I have been caught out a couple of times after packing the gear away after a fruitless wait only to see the conditions come together within minutes!

This particular morning everything came together nicely for about an hour and I came away with a good selection of images.  Enjoy!

Dingo Beach Sunrise.

Tony Middleton mentioned how much he liked my header image so here is the full monty. Hope you like it Tony!

The next one was taken about 10 minutes later just as the sun hit the horizon. I really like the subtle light in both of these.

Reflected Glory

This is one from the same morning as my last post. I’m not sure I like the colour quite as much but the reflections of the clouds make up for it.

What do you think?

Sandflat Sunrise

Up here in tropical Queensland our seas are protected by the Great Barrier Reef so we don’t get the swell and wave action on the shoreline as they do down south. Consequently, opportunities for dramatic images of the coastline with long exposures are pretty rare.
As I am not out around the islands these days I have to make do with places I can access by car and Conway Beach is one of those. At low tide it is a big expanse of sand flats which sometimes expand for about a quarter of a mile.
Being flat and featureless, finding a strong foreground can be problematic but if you go for a bit of a walk something will present itself. In this case the sand ripples left by the receding tide as well as the tidal pool were about the only chance of a foreground to balance the magnificent colour of the sunrise!

Morning Glory

This is a monochrome rendering of a similar shot to my last post. The light rays are a little more defined in this one!

This is the image straight out of the camera.

All processing was done in Lightroom 3. Crop & Straighten,WB adjustment, B&W conversion, Graduated Filter, Beef up contrast, Split toning.
If anybody has ideas on a way to improve it, comments are most welcome as I am sure it can be improved upon!
I love this type of light!

Whitsunday Gold.

You know how it is, rummaging through your files, seeing if there are any little gems that you had forgotten about.
After processing a couple of new images tonight, I was just going over this particular folder when I came across this image of a sunrise at Shute Hbr. I had shot this about a year ago and like a lot of my images, I sat on it for a while.
I have to say that I quite like it because I am a sucker for crepuscular sunlight at the best of times and this a pretty good example!

I also like it for it’s simplicity, It could be composed a little better but the brick shed I was standing next to limited my options on that score. Probably look good as a monochrome which I will do another day, I’m off to bed!

Sunlit Sands

Just been playing around, so I thought I would post another view of Langford Sandspit

Early Morning at Langford Spit

I’ve been thinking for a while that considering I live in the Whitsundays on Queensland’s tropical coast, I haven’t been posting many images of the area! While I haven’t been out around the islands for a fair while due to health reasons, I did manage to capture a few images from the area before I was grounded.

This was taken early one morning looking from Langford Spit toward Hook Is.
Here the overnight high tide has washed away all the footprints left by the many visitors the spit gets each day and left it’s own footprint of current induced sand waves. A much nicer design I think!

Morning Mist

This image is another one to inspire Jamie Patterson on his next trip to Tasmania!

This is what Christian Fletcher would call a ‘drive-by shooting’. Scenes like this one are very common early in the morning in Tasmania, problem is that finding a place to pull over on the side of the road so you can set your gear up is not that easy!
When I saw this scene I was on a main road with long grass verges which may or may not hide a large ditch. Pull off the road as far as you dare, hope your car doesn’t (A) Get sideswiped by a log truck or (B) Capsize into the ditch!
Mist was dissipating quickly, so quickly put on a telephoto lens, run across the road and squeeeze a couple of exposures at a shutter speed that really is too slow for for hand-held shots. Thankfully there was a fence post that was reasonably clear of blackberries to brace myself against.
I am actually amazed that they came up as good as they did!

Misty Mountain Hop.

A couple of images of Mt. Roland to inspire Jamie Patterson!

Hope you like ’em Jamie!

A couple of reasons to get up early!

These two images also show Gloucester Is. but from the eastern side and early in the morning.

105mm, ISO 100, 1/4s@f8.
The above image was taken from a neat little place called Dingo Beach which is one of a bunch of little bays and beaches situated between Airlie Beach and Bowen.

35mm, ISO100, 1/15s@f8.
Hydeaway Bay is the next bay around and both places have some seriously nice homes being built. Not a bad spot to live or holiday hey?

Myridi Bay

Myridi Bay-12-Edit
Myridi Bay-6-Edit
These are a couple of images of a place called Myridi Bay in Yampi Sd. The first one is some amazing cliffs that change colour as the sun sets on them. If you look closely you will see some bending in the rock strata. There are even more extreme examples around this area that make your jaw drop when you think about the forces involved!
The second image is what you see next morning on the other side of the inlet. Polarising filters come in handy up this way.

A Dynamic Landscape.

24 04 09 York Sd 008-Edit-Edit
Even though the Kimberley is an ancient landscape, if you look closely, it resembles a stack of loosely piled dominoes at times. Huge rock slides and falls are commonplace and you get to thinking that a decent earth tremor would bring the whole show tumbling down!
Around the tidal level, the sea has carved some amazing sculptures into the sandstone that makes up this land/seascape.
This was one I found early one morning in a place called Yorke Sound. I only had a short time ashore and was surrounded by some surreal rockscapes. I can well understand how the aboriginal people revered this land!

Kimberley Sunrise

28 04 09 Prince Regent 052_edited-1-Edit
This is a shot of St. Patrick Is. taken just after sunrise. St,George Basin is a large basin that the Prince Regent R. flows into.
The tidal flows in the entrance to this basin have to be seen to be believed, places like Whirpool Reach can have currents of up to 10 knots and will throw large vessels around like toys. In the middle of the mayhem, dolphins are calmly fishing!
This particular morning we were anchored off a place called Python Cliffs, I had a feeling that there could be a photo op which worked out very nicely!