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Storm Warning!

Recently, I spent 3 weeks working at the Orpheus Island Research Centre situated just off the Nth. Queensland coast. It is a University Research Centre,that hosts marine  researchers from all over the world, studying all sorts of things from the effects of climate change on the Great Barrrier Reef to the amount of fishing gear left behind by fishermen amateur and professsional.

Incidentally, this is also where Les Walkling conducts a yearly photographic workshop and I got the chance to see some of the images produced by Les, very nice indeed! Unfortunately, due to work hours and inclement weather,(I think I saw 4 days of sun in all the time I was there!) photographic opportunities were scarce.

This is a storm that came roaring across from the mainland on my first night!

Amazingly, it veered and went around us!

The processing of this image was done in LR3 and Nik Colour Effex 4 which has a neat little process called Detail Extracter, does amazing things with cloudy skies!


Forest Pool

I imagine you have all seen the amazing footage of the destructive power of water coming from Sth. Queensland! Jaw dropping stuff indeed.
Thought I would post an image of water in a more benign state although when this creek is in full flight the water level in this pool rises another 2-3 metres above this level!

Monsoon Skies

We have certainly had some rain over here in Queensland this year! At the moment large parts of Southern and Western Queensland are under water with flood records broken left,right & centre.
Here in the Whitsundays it feels like the sun has deserted us although as I speak the sun is is making a rare but brief appearance. The ground is saturated and soggy but the good news is that the local dam is flowing over the spillway for only the second time in it’s 30yr history.
For the last couple of months I have driven countless miles around the surrounding cane fields trying to capture some of the awesome looking skies that come with this sort of weather in juxtaposition with the landscape that consists of miles of flat canefields and a couple of low mountain ranges.
The best time to do this is at the end of the cane harvest when most of the cane is still short,for most of the year you can’t see anything because of the height of the cane obscuring the skyline.
Up until yesterday I had not shot anything that I was completely happy with, just couldn’t get all the variables to line up and I was beginning to despair of ever getting an image that portrayed the wide open landscape, the ranges and the skies that happen with the tropical wet season.
I think the couple of images below may be getting close though! (Click to view large)

What do you think?

Real Fun Guys!

While most people here in Central Queensland are heartily sick of all the wet weather we have had over the last couple of months and just want it to go away for a while, a few species thrive in these sort of conditions.
Canetoads,frogs and ducks love this type of weather as well as fungi. Walking around the rainforest you will come across plenty of different types of fungi making the most of the wet conditions and they create a real splash of colour amongst all the greenery.

Why was the mushroom invited to all the parties?

He was a real fun guy!
PS. After a suggestion by Mark Stothard the second image has been altered.

The ‘Wetsundays’

This image pretty much sums up the weather during the past couple of months over here in Qld. Due to a Lá Nina system in the Pacific it has been the wettest spring over here in years! There have been only about 5 days with any sort of sunshine this month and rainfall records have been broken. God knows what it will be like when the monsoon trough starts coming south!
Welcome to the ‘Wetsundays’.
The sugar cane farmers have taken a hit as well with over 25% of the crop left in the ground until next year as the harvesters can’t get into the soaked paddocks.
Meanwhile the SW corner of WA is crying out for rain. Who’d be a farmer?

Cedar Ck. Falls

After all the rain we have had over the last few months, I thought I would go out to one of the local swimming holes at Cedar Ck and try a few stitched panaoramas.
The falls were running well and there were not too many people about which was a bonus.
I like this one because of the shape of the trees in the foreground framing the pool and falls. the girl standing in the water was just in the right spot as well.

As the light around the falls is often a murky green which is sometimes hard to deal with effectively I thought monochrome would work better and concentrate more on the shapes of the treees.
5 image stitch,PtGui and Lr2

House on the Hill

This is another image from the same day as my last post,a beautiful cattle farming area in the Whitsunday coast hinterland. About an hours drive from my home, I love coming down here as I see something new each time.
It also reminds me of Tasmania at this time of the year, green and lush!
The one thing that always bugs me though are the ugly barbwire fences which usually stop you from getting to the optimum position. So, you either have to try and shoot over or sometimes through them or include them in the image which is rarely a good look.
Anybody else have this problem?
5 image stitch, processed in LR2.

Green Valley

This is probably not an image that is normally associated with the Whitsundays but there are areas in the hinterland that are as beautiful as anything found on the islands.
We have had some steady wet season rain that has transfomed a landscape that 6 months ago was brown and as dry as I can remember.
This little area on the O’Çonnell River north of Mackay was a nice little find for me after following my nose down an obscure country road.
It even has some of the wierdest acting cattle I have ever come across! Probably eating the wrong mushrooms.

5 image stitch, Processed in Lightroom 2

A land of extremes!

Wndmill stitch-2-Edit
It doesn’t seem so long ago that photographers such as Tony Middleton who lives in Victoria were posting images of a dry, blackened landscape after the horrific bushfires.
At the same time we here in Queensland had flooding rains and everything was green and juming out of it’s skin!
How the tables have turned. Tony is posting images of lush green meadows and we here in Qld are going through one of the driest winters for a long time!
i had spotted this windmill and water trough a while back and thought it could make an interesting shot. God only knows what the Brahman cattle on this property are drinking as there is no surface water anywhere that I can see!
Bring on the wet season!

Eye on the sky.


With all the rain we have had here over the wet season,everything is green,lush and jumping out of it’s skin!

I was driving around the canefields recently and had stopped to take a couple of shots of an irrigator lying idle in a paddock. It was kind of a nice juxtaposition with a thunderstorm in the background, but this image is the best of the lot. The sky says it all.

Hopefullly there will still be some interesting skies in the Kimberley when I am over there during the next couple of months. Dark blue skies contrast well with the red/orange landscape but add a brooding sky to it and and you have something very different. 

Skies can really make an image ‘pop’ with just about anything outdoors. Quite a few years ago when I was doing a lot of photography of marine based subjects, ie- yachts,fishing boats, etc, I was looking through a book by ‘Beken of Cowes’ who has been shooting yachts around the  South coast of England for nearly 100 yrs.  Every shot was taken from the perfect angle and the lighting was always great ,but the extra ingredient that made his images so much better was often the background.

Canon 400D, EF-S 10-22mm @ 14mm, 125th/f8, polariser