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How was your day?

Hi, I trust you all survived Xmas and New Years in good shape!
These are a couple of images that show how “lucky” we are here in Australia and indeed most Western countries.
Electricity is something we take for granted but in many poorer countries like Fiji, daily tasks are still done by hand because electricity is not available outside towns.
Daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, washing etc become a little more difficult and time consuming.

It’s not all bad though, they usually manage to turn it into a bit of a social event that keeps everybody involved laughing. And they build some of these villages on some prime real estate as well.
But, next time your washing machine goes on the blink, remember it could be a lot worse!


Hello, I must be going!




This is a bit of a play on the fact that this will be my last post for a little while as I am off to the Kimberley in W.A for a couple of months where  for the most part I will be out of  contact except for when we are in Derby.

Looking forward to seeing this part of the world at the end of the wet season when all the rivers will still be running and the landscape will be relatively green still. With a bit of luck, I should get some great images if I can manage to get off the boat on occasion.

On another note, all you people who have been reading my blog  and looking at the great images,(I think it totals 6 so far ) must be wondering how you can get a job in this magnificent place? I am sure you have seen the publicity surrounding the website for “The Worlds Greatest Job”.

Well, the local Chamber of Commerce has put together a website advertising work available in the Whitsundays from all different employers in the area. It’s only a new iniative, but it looks like it will be a goer when more people find out about it. The link is over on the side of this page.

Anyway, I will be back in a couple of months and we will continue this monologue then. See ya soon!